About SanifloDirect


Based in Montreal, Quebec and serving all customers Canada-wide.

We sell and service SANIFLO. For over 2 decades, our shop has been repairing and servicing Saniflo customers. We take great pride in our service and knowledge of products. Whether it be On-Site or On-Line, We know Saniflo. 

Saniflodirect.ca is a new 'One Stop, Saniflo Ship', Shipped directly to your door. A purposely built site and personally tailored selection of products for each category are filtered in a 'Good, Better, Best' spread, providing an easier product selection experience from one page.

Our FAQ page offers the customer an invaluable resource of Saniflo information put together from over 20 years of experience and product knowledge.  

Saniflo SFA Group is the leader in its market and a major actor in the plumbing industry. The result of its above-floor plumbing solutions and constant industry  innovation. Saniflo offers a complete range of macerating toilets and waste pump systems for both residential and commercial applications. Rigidity and flexibility of Saniflo systems makes any sanitary application possible. Best used for bathrooms, kitchens and grey/black water transfer to sewer or septic. From an entire home to multi-complex applications, Saniflo has a solution. 
Saniflo makes plumbing simple.