Installing a bathroom has never been easier.


GREY WATER PUMPS for all applications.


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Installing a bathroom or kitchen has never been easier! From the basement to the attic. No breaking the floor, no large pipes and no structural changes. In comparison to a conventional toilet SANIFLO adds a bathroom, in less time with less mess and effort, at a smaller cost.

Don’t break the floors or the bank. With Saniflo "Above-Floor" plumbing solutions you are no longer limited to location, drainage or budget. You decide where your new bathroom, kitchen or laundry room goes!

The benefits of ‘Above-Floor’ plumbing is that fixtures can be installed on top of finished floors almost anywhere. Basement, attic, bedroom, office or garage, under a stairway or even inside a closet. Walls and floors can remain intact. Installation is quick and easy and with little mess, See how HERE

How a Saniflo upflusher works. A conventional toilet flushes waste down under the toilet below the floor. Instead, a high quality Saniflo macerator (think blender pump box) is located behind Saniflo’s stylish 'rear-outlet' toilet. This pump, grinds up and pushes the waste up and away in the drain pipes.

Using a small diameter discharge pipe the macerated slurry is then quickly discharged out up and away, into the sewer line. Stronger heavy duty twin-blade grinders can also accept the odd sanitary item with confidence. With the ability to connect additional plumbing fixtures, such as a bathtub, shower and vanity, Saniflo makes plumbing simple.

We sell SANIFLO, for over 20 years now. Shipped directly to your door. Saniflo is the world leader and innovator of above-floor upflush macerating toilets and pumps.

A high quality, heavily engineered and made in France product. Introduced in the 60's, Saniflo offers a wide range of macerating and grinding pumps. Including grey water pumps, condensate pumps and an impressive line of easy to install effluent lift pump stations

See how they work HERE

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Add a bathroom almost anywhere. Saniflo makes plumbing easy.

Our products for COMMERCIAL spaces

See how the Saniflo range of products can increase efficiency at your business.

Our GREY WATER PUMPS for Kitchen and Laundry.

Check out Saniflo's range of powerful grey water pumps that make life easier.

Our LIFTING STATIONS are here to save the day.

Learn how easily a Saniflo Effluent and water lifting station can be installed.

Sump Pumps are the pits.

Pick Saniflo's new Sanipit, to get the cleanest fix.

Our CONDESATE PUMPS are the gems of the industry

See how Saniflo's Plug and Play pumps makes plumbing simple.

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We know SANIFLO. For over 2 decades, we have been serving Saniflo customers. We take great pride in our service and product knowledge. We would like thank all of our over 30,000 customers for there support throughout the years.

Saniflo is the world leader in its market and a major
actor in the plumbing industry as a result of its above-floor plumbing solution and constant innovation.

Saniflo offers a complete range of macerating and grinding pump systems for both residential and commercial applications. The flexibility of Saniflo systems makes any sanitary application you can imagine possible. Whether it's a small project requiring drain and condensate pumps to more complex engineered jobs, even whole buildings with multiple fixture units, Saniflo has a solution. Try Saniflo for your next bathroom addition or home project!