FREE SHIPPING: Canadian standard ground delivery.

Coast to Coast, from beautiful British Columbia to the majestic shores of Newfoundland.

*Excluding Territories and remote limited access regions within provinces*

With 2 fully stocked warehouses in central Canada and over 100 affiliated distribution points. Rest assured offers you the largest Saniflo distribution network in Canada.

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HASSLE-FREE RETURNS: Should you wish to return product within 30 days of delivery, Please enjoy our hassle-free return policy.

We try to ensure ours customers get the most accurate and easy to understand information and guidance we can provide. We think that once our customers visit and complete the video’s on the FAQ page, We are confident you will select and order the appropriate pump system for the correct application all on your own.

Please feel free to reach out should you want a more personalized service. I'm always glad to help. Adam :) 

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FREE REPAIR SERVICE : Exclusive and limited to the first 1000 customers.

That's right, customers get it all, even a free repair service. 

For over 2 decades, the shop has been repairing and servicing Saniflo customers. My commitment to you. As long as I am willing and able, it would be my pleasure to offer you the best after sales service you have ever had. 

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Saniflo SFA Group is the leader in its market and a major actor in the plumbing industry. The result of its above-floor plumbing solutions and constant industry  innovation. Saniflo offers a complete range of macerating toilets and waste pump systems for both residential and commercial applications. Rigidity and flexibility of Saniflo systems makes any sanitary application possible. Best used for bathrooms, kitchens and grey/black water transfer to sewer or septic. From an entire home to multi-complex applications, Saniflo has a solution. 
Saniflo makes plumbing simple.